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Sun in Aries, the Hammer (Hamal)



"I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure.  I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle.  But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." 


-Marilyn Monroe

There's a sublime simplicity in Aries: always ready for conflict. Aries cleaves others in thralls of self-possessed courage. Most Aries lead with their head and have scars to prove it. Aries IS Athena, before she was stripped of her gender by Ptolemy, and the sign reflects the fierceness of the angry female. Aries doesn't draw her strength from duty or design, or through intellect, like the other cardinal signs Capricorn, Cancer or Libra. She does it from a righteous fury and a need to slay the violating opponent. She is the huntress wolf, protecting the perimeter and providing the kill for the pack. She will always be the point guard, the scout, the explorer, the pioneer. Often Aries must climb that peak, out on a limb, risking everything on an impulse and by instinct. "To delay action is the same as death", is the rallying cry of Aries native V.I. Lenin that catalyzed his Bolshevik comrades to begin the Russian revolution. For Aries, timing is everything.

Mars as the ruling planet, and dominating the first house of personality, compels Aries to blast past introversion, prevarication, weakness and incompetence. The Aries undergoes a brutal initiation process to assume her power and supremacy over all others. She must learn to practice selflessness, forced humility before the powers that be (whether the patriarchy or her own gods) meanwhile sharpening her sword. Unlike the ordinary pilgrim and believer, Aries challenges the gods that she fears the most (and others follow), as if her prize of life is conquering the high peaks of Olympus that once held her in awe.

This is why the boss who has an Aries employee should always fear for his job, and Aries' lovers must always worry that when passions cool Aries will seek new sexual vistas. This is a fairly fortunate position for vitality and she has a robust constitution.

Aries ambitions aim high and they are quick to sense and take advantage of opportunities. Aries will casually move on from the smoking ruins that their scorched Earth policies create, wondering what the fuss is all about. Aries can be either a sexual predator or a sexual victim, which spotlights their range and their cupidity. This range of roles can and does shock anyone who thought they were on sure footing with the hard headed entrepreneur.

For Aries, it's the top of the mountain or death. They get to the top by one brazen leap after another. Yet Aries is also capable of filling positions of responsibility and prominence and can direct and manage other people skillfully. She insists on equal enthusiasm and compliance from family, partners, bosses and followers. Aries’ natural position is in the forefront, and that is where she gravitates. She only takes the back seat to draw a bead on a worthy opponent.

Aries is a hard working asset for any person or cause that she feels is worth the self-sacrifice of losing her ego. She calculates not the odds of winning, but the nobility of the cause and her own rewards. This is a fairly natural position for vitality, a relentless drive to rise in life at all costs. For the Aries, the message is: you can only be stopped by yourself.

They treat themselves with the same ferocity as one would an opponent. Met with opposition, the Aries can only respond with the anger of a soldier. Smote the enemy! The soul, however, cannot be dominated through annexation, and must reveal itself of its own free will. Because everything depends on self-confidence derived from recognition and public acclaim, Aries has but one unconditional lover and unconquerable foe: herself. All other comers can be confidently routed in the field by the ferocity of the Aries total-war strategy, and victory or death philosophy.

Aries is Joan of Arc, who loses herself into a cause greater than herself. Driven by her self-pronounced connection to god; hers is the story of the female exalted in war, the female who uses force and domination to achieve her goals. Joan saved the insipid Dauphin, gave him France and he returned the favor by conspiring against her with the church and had her burned at the stake. This is a common Aries theme of hopeless sacrifice.

The sign of Aries is also the living 90 degree square, an aspect of tension and stress-- and instant release. The difficulties at the beginning are the requisite calisthenics that build confidence and strength for the battle. Aries does it for the journey, as well as the payoff. The male Aries is a natural hero, or a cad, he will fight under any banner so long as it suits his needs, and fulfills his appetites. This male Aries is the relentless warrior that Jason himself couldn't vanquish because every time he threw him to the ground, he would rise again, stronger still. Jason finally won when he held Aries above his head-- Aries was no longer able to draw sustenance from the Earth. In Greek mythology, this was the only time that Aries has ever been beaten, because the Aries style of savage, full-on attack only works when Aries has the element of surprise.

Aries is the traditional beginning of the Solar Zodiac wheel, but it represents only one aspect of the grand picture, which is always in flux. Aries is no longer the rising sign of spring, which now occurs March 21, which is ruled by Pisces. Each sign takes that spotlight in turn as part a grand 28,000 year-long cycle. The rising sign will change because of the precession of the equinoxes, so the Spring equinox will always meander backwards in the calendar, about one degree ever 70 years. Aries was the harbinger of Spring 2,000 years ago, but is no longer, and has been replaced by Pisces. The Age of Aries has been supplanted by the Age of Pisces. The next incarnation, the Age of Aquarius will occur in about 600 years. MORE

Sun in Taurus, the Collector (Aldebaran)


"Above all, there was the sensation of moving physically over the contours of fullness and concavities, through hollows and over peaks- feeling, touching, seeing, through mind and hand and eye. This sensation has never left me. I, the sculptor, am the landscape. I am the form and the hollow, the trust and the contour."


-Barbara Hepworth, A Pictorial Autobiography

Taurus' list of essentials is short and sweet: food, gold, sex, and a homestead in which to graze in their old age. They collect and protect whatever gives them physical pleasure. They have but one life on Earth and they want to make the most of it. For them there really isn't a pie-in-the-sky paradise waiting. Taurus must accomplish their work in one lifespan. Their natural tendency is to follow the same course for a long time (and get it right) with comparatively little change; this enables them to pursue their purpose with steadfastness, patience, and quiet persistence. They will achieve long term substantive goals in this way, and be an example to others for their solid, teachable methods. They bequeath this to their descendants, to the world, or back to the Earth, dust to dust, the molecules never change.

Taurus hates illusions and despises charlatans, although they could easily lie or bend the truth if they wanted, to negotiate, or to save money. It would be a typical Taurus impulse to outwit the buyer, and to get the best deal. It enhances the Taurus love of tangible objects; all valuable objects, and the body, the most valuable object of all. The body is all important, and its needs and desires can become overwhelming, like a bawling, needy child. This is perhaps why Taurus arrange their lives around the pleasures they allow themselves and treasure the most. They live in an existential dilemma of trying to build their future while making themselves comfortable.

The danger of Taurus becoming obsessive, fetishistic, immobile, parochial and suspicious are ever present, and what was once their collection of treasures becomes a hoarder's clutter. The Taurus can achieve eminence, even notoriety, for their honesty and integrity. Whether it's gold coins or paper bags, the Taurus sees some value in everything. These characteristics may be directed either towards public affairs or money matters, and will tend to bring them prominence or success in the long run. The world loves a person who is good at his or her job. Taurus are also naturally affectionate and warm-hearted, as well as canny and reserved. Taurus can also be quiet and self-contained at times. This is the classic man or woman of few words but powerful action. Note: Taurus has a distinctive, very destructive, very long-lived anger, when pushed too far. They can close up into a state of wounded non-communication and bitter anger for months or years, once wounded or deeply hurt.

Taurus listens to sweet music pouring like a spring out of the mountain of our ancestral memories. The notes, strains and beats they hear come from the center of the Earth. They sleep with their ears to the ground to drink deep. Taurus are the children of the Earth, and Africa is their Mother. The drums of creation runs through the Taurus blood. In their collective consciousness, Taurus have been given dominion over the Earthly pleasures and stewardship over Earth’s resources. They preserve and protect what is beautiful. What they lack in faith or finesse, they make up for with an unutterable, unselfish love of music. The bestial urges of the bull are tamed with sweet melodies, Taurus' heavy feet are lifted off the ground, they alight with pure grace and beauty to dance to Venus' rapturous suggestions. The music serves as muse for the Taurus, and with a song in their hearts, they can withstand any duress and endure any hardship. MORE

Sun in Gemini, The Politician (Pollux)


"The everlasting universe of things
Flows through the mind, and rolls its rapid waves,
Now dark, now glittering"

-Percy Bysshe Shelley, "Mont Blanc"

The mind, and the voice that comes with it, is Gemini's weapon. Victory comes from thinking faster and having more information than your competition. The greater mind controls lesser minds, there's a meritocracy of the gifted. Inside each Gemini is a clique of experts, geniuses, teachers, mathematicians, who stay only among themselves to the exclusion of others. For Gemini, their various personalities make up a mafia gang. These personalities are separate beings, members of the same family, or a private club or Illuminati. Gemini can control the world by questioning it, gathering information on it. Like a gang of NSA spies or salesmen, they can gather happily in their private garden, discussing outsiders like the indigenous people of America talked about the buffalo. Others are excluded unless they come to entertain or serve. Geminis have their private language (or languages) which is why they are able to pick up phrases and fake knowing a smattering of many languages. Gemini is a world citizen, a gambler without borders. They can wrangle themselves out of any jam, they are faster on the uptake than others and can out pace them in negotiations. They can become an evil puppeteer if they let it go to their heads. This superiority can collapse as the Gemini swoons over the stimulation from love, lust, rage, fame and fortune--but hardly the emotions attached to these. There is a psychological condition that is a coda for Gemini: schizophrenia, although in Gemini it's rarely pathological, it's an every day occurrence. Gemini embodies the bipolar condition.

Just when you think you get them, Gemini will throw you off balance with a different, unfamiliar personality. Since you never know which of the members of group Gemini will show up for work, it’s a risk to like one. If you trigger certain responses, you’ll get the appropriate response. When you jangle Gemini, you might get the debonair poet, the sexual slave, the lonesome cowboy, the political wonk, the snake-in-grass, the mafia hitman, you won’t know until it happens. Gemini is a private club, similar to a cult, the mafia, the hell's angles or the fire department.

Since the only time that the Gemini needs other humans is when he or she is curious--it can be said that the Gemini is also like the moth to the flame, especially in romantic matters which are out of their control. The picture of the intellectual falling for the showgirl is the type of thing that Geminis can't control. The mind is a fool in matters of the heart.

The Gemini has what other mutable signs wish they had, a big brother, a protector, or guardian star that would help them out in a jam, and Gemini has this person within them. The companions, siblings, or other groups of people available to the Gemini can all have different skill sets and attitudes, and the Gemini can flip through them like a deck of cards. Combine this with Mercury's (Gemini's ruling planet) reputation for the slight of hand and trickery that people see as getting ripped off, and you can see why Geminis are often mistrusted--or misunderstood. In this way the Gemini finds it even more difficult to form associations with real people in the world as easily as he does with all the anomalous brothers and sisters in his head.

And that's they key for the Gemini mind--the mind itself. It collects memories, from earliest times, pre-verbal and maybe in utterer. It also collects all information, from all sources, quite impartially. The information is stored, collated, but never judged or prioritized. The smallest whimsy can take on the same titanic impression as a real emotional catastrophe. The Gemini is in motion, the rolling stone that gathers no moss. Friends and lovers orbit Gemini, but never get into the nucleus.

It must be said that the Gemini DOES feel remorse for de-friending people, it only occurs to them later, as a lost resource to further fulfillment of his curiosity or sexual chemistry. It's only a wise Gemini who can resist hypocrisy. The Gemini experiences life through the emotions of others, as the flame seeks fuel. This flickering, hungry (voracious some might say) is the appetite for information, always licking at the heels of Gemini, relentless as the spider seeking the fly. The Gemini may likely be an existentialist who realizes this at a young age.

The secret to the Gemini soul is that LIFE IS A GAME. Yet, for Gemini, winning or losing both involve loss, involve the sadness of time forever passing unheeded. So the Gemini careens back and forth like a drunken gambler, remorseful of past losses, but ever hopeful of the big jackpot ahead. Others find this quality exciting, but ultimately insane. No one is as willing as the Gemini to throw their lot in with the gypsies, to go as far as their challenged mind can take them. In for a penny, in for a pound. When the Gemini smells excitement, they're on the hunt like a bloodhound. MORE

Sun in Cancer, the Third Eye (Al Tarf)


"He went down to the spring in the cool darkness of the shadows. A sharp pleasure came over him. This was a secret, lovely place."

-Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, The Yearling

This sign is closely linked with the Moon, and is always liable to be emotionally and physically influenced by the Moon's phases and eclipses. Some Cancers report the shape of their faces actually change with the waxing and waning Moon. This increases feeling and sensitiveness in you and gives you an inclination for home life and domesticity. You are naturally reserved and cautious, and you do not show your whole nature on the surface. In fact, you mirror others' needs and assumptions, based on your appearance or demeanor. Like the Moon, Cancers reflect the light cast upon them. The real Cancer is shrouded in mystery, with a dark side that is hidden and is the opposite of their nurturing maternal nature, and can be expressed as cruelty and arrogance. None the less, Cancers are protective of those they love; they hang on to them with the tenacity of the crab with its claws. This crab glyph really represents more than just the linkage with the Moon--it describes the molting of the Cancer, wherein it can shed their old skins to assume a larger, more magnificent suit of armor. Cancer is primarily interested in growth, and, much like the leaves of a vine, they will cover all they encounter. The Moon's phases regulate the oceans, fertility, and agriculture--and likewise, the Cancer must operate in sync with the natural cycles, which are often at odds with the needs of the rest of the world. This makes the level of secrecy in Cancers almost unfathomable to others.

The use of Cancer to describe disease is because it is the unwanted, uncontrolled growth of dysfunctional cells--much like the problem with Cancers who are locked into cycles that they cannot control. Since they work so well with secret agendas, Cancers are often actors, salespeople, managers, politicians (Barack Obama for example) and behind-the-scenes manipulators. Cancers DO change personalities the same way an actor changes hats, changes roles. The Cancer starts his/her cycle during the New Moon, when she/he determines her goals for the month—or the greater cycle she/he is aiming for. By visualizing, sharing, dramatizing, advertising, whatever, the Cancer has until the full Moon to realize the lunar "intentions". Many Cancers write these intentions down and keep them close to their bodies (under the pillow, in the pocket) to activate their powers of concentration.

They have tact and achieving success can be an act of faith. They must believe--and that comes from other's belief in them, which they can induce with their appearance and behavior. Cancers run on faith, hope and the belief in eternal cycles and without it they can become lost and deranged. Since balance cannot truly be achieved, the cancer must work within the system, and bide their time until the time is right. They can make headway in life by the exercise of prudence, care and economy; and this position gives some degree of business instinct and forethought, also adaptability for practical matters, whether in the household, in more public affairs, or in applied science. This is favorable for gain through the parents, and it inclines to the acquisition of house or land property and to dealing in these. In the case of elderly people this position is rather good for comfort and prosperity in old age. Their success in life will depend more than with most people upon a favorable environment; because if circumstances oppose them, they are apt to feel keenly a sense of being hampered, thwarted and restricted, and withdraw emotionally.

The ancient females who devised astrology saw that the Crab Nebula was the largest in the visible heavens—like a mother giving birth to galaxies. Cancer is the Mother of Heaven. The Arab astrologers named your star Al Tarf, which represents the Third Eye—the all-seeing wisdom of mother nature. The Leo huntress is looking through this Moon's "eye"—a throwback to and connection with our natural animal origins and instincts, and to a time when ALL humanity was directed and illuminated by the Moon, in the same way we use GPS and internet now. The Moon and Saturn were all-important indicators to the ancients, since they were considered benefactors and symbols of abundance.

Cancers are still existing on a plane of a lunar Zodiac, the Moon's Nodes—their have a private world they inhabit, that soothes them and gives them encouragement. Cancer females—and many sensitive male Cancers—are a mystery but use powerful amulets, garments, and are part of a secret society based on dreams and occurring in natural cycles. This may be the real "politics". This is why we also associate Cancers with political leadership and cultural influence, since they can use their invisible connection with humanity to deliver the message. A Cancer can telegraph a political statement with a hat, a wink, a single gesture—that would take the typical solar-based pedant thousands of words to convey.

Sun in Leo, the Jungle Cat (Regulus)


"Wild, wild things will turn on you
You have got to set them free."

​-Chris Williamson, "Wild Things"

Leos are the living advertisement of their own prerogative. You can’t separate fixed-sign Leos from what they feel because Leo IS what it feels. Leo lives by instinct. There is no artifice, no evolution, only the heart and the moment. Leos abide by no law except the law of the jungle.

The Leo ego is the beating heart. Leos speak from the heart—it aggrandizes them. Behind the display, though, is a puzzlement. Leos cultivate a heart-felt selfishness, the big ego: what’s best for them is also best for everybody! They think through themselves. They assume the rest of the world would be just as satisfied with the basic elemental aspects of life as the Leo. Why prevaricate? The complexity and purpose of human sacrifice, guilt, anxiety or perspicacity escapes them. The heart allows Leos to live only in the moment; the human memory is suppressed because it harms their egos and reduces the single-mindedness that they need for the hunt.

This gives them ambition, sexuality, aspiration, ardor, and determination. Their ego can never be defeated. They will die with it intact. It protects them and nurtures them. Depending on the other attendant planets, Leos can possess good organizing ability, can manage and direct other people, are fitted for being at the head of affairs, and able to assume authority and command. If they exercise self-control they may achieve much success through strength of will and personal magnetism, and they will find they have a lot of advantages over other people who are weak. If they let this go to their head, they'll make mistakes. They have a great sense of personal dignity, and others will want to be around them to have some of it rub off. They are warm-hearted, good-natured, sociable, loyal, generous and magnanimous. Unless they are blocked by forces beyond their control, they will attain a responsible or prominent position where they will have to direct or employ others, if nothing more than a "pride" of cubbies for whom they are the guardian. Their feelings and desires are ardent, they have a strong sense of the dramatic, and a love of beauty and luxury. When alert to sex or danger, they are at their most powerful and intense. They can return to the beast during sex, sleep, and eating. Their preferred relationship is someone who worships them.

Leo isn’t just an animal, Leo is the king of the animals—putting itself above all others, and taking the best for itself. For each of its narrow feeding roles, the Leo excels. First we have the image of the huntress, Diana, with spear, sitting on the throne with her pet lions alongside her. Then Leo eats, rapaciously and ravenously; food is the prize. Then Leo wants sex, prowling for pheromonal females. Then Leo sleeps, reverently supplying its tremendous ego with the energy it needs to resuscitate.

Men and women Leos differ in important ways; The male Leo dominates; displays his libido, assumes rulership of the pride, defends the pride. What the male Leo does is kill, or threaten to kill, at least. The enemy is anything or anybody that trespasses on his territory, or threatens his reign, including any male, even the cubs of other lions. The female Leo, on the other hand, is adaptable; is the lifeline of the DNA, the center and creator of the pride, who provides food, suckles the cubs, organizes the females into a hunting posse, and is the mainstay of the Leo society. Male Leos are expendable and interchangeable, they come and go according to their ascending or waning power, and their ability to kill enemies. Females remain, persist and collectively build for the future as a group and a family. She passes the power on to the next strongest female. This brings us to the conclusion: What is a king without his queen?

Sun in Virgo, the Blue Spark (Spica)


". . . body-talk, the words body; the
information of one light-bodied thought
shedding sleeps silhouette;
deciphered, then translated back
in the drizzling dark."

-Tino Trova, "Nights' Blue Hours"

The Virgo is pure energy, yet docile, waiting for the light. Virgo can also be like a sponge, unyielding until saturated with water. It is suddenly changeable into a new form, from gas to water to ice. Virgo consists of inert, dark matter, or inert molecules looking to be catalyzed. In the black world of space, gases and particles can explode with color when sparked into action. The Virgo is in search of the agent of its own change. Virgo is roiling untapped energy, looking for ignition. Virgo seeks the enzyme, the electrical charge, the magic spell to awaken the power of the Virgin and put her to work. The Virgo is like a fluorescent light, dark hydrocarbons, cold, lifeless, but add an electrical charge, a magnetic field, and Virgo and entire galaxies light up with a brilliant reaction.

Virgos require partnership even though they come to hate its restrictions and leap beyond them. The same devotion that turns their darkness to light, also enslaves them to the flame. Balance is difficult to achieve. The Virgo is reactive, responsive, which makes this a female deity although what the Virgo does is very masculine. They turn the ethereal into the concrete. They are the makers and doers, the shakers and bakers, the drivers and strivers. The workers in the denizens of detail.

They are critics, craftsmen and creative inventors and mimics. They possess what Engels called the "endless ingenuity of the working class". They adapt to the material conditions of their day and place and make the changes necessary to exist, and thrive. But, they don't do it for themselves, they do it for others. For THE other, the found one, and the foundling. Virgo is the Magi looking for the birth of a new dispensation, a new order of things.

The Virgo is part of the largest demographic of signs, with 46 days to reproduce, they are the most populous sign, the proletariat, the masses. They are the clay that revolutionaries, priests, and politicians need to gain power. The Virgo needs to be kneaded, like bread they rise with yeast, they need to give themselves, body and soul, to their cathartic source, the invisible charge that wakes them up from being a frozen mannequin.

In space, Virgos are a star-making machine; on Earth, they can, like Pygmalion's sculptor, create a silk purse out of a sow's ear; or, like Doctor Frankenstein, a monster. Like a truth machine, Virgo reviews and critiques everything; she's an editor, a master of minutiae, and a nit-picker who can never be satisfied. The role of tyrant is not for Virgo, they prefer to act in the background. However it is the Virgo, whose long service is interrupted only by her disgust at what she has created, who inevitably topples the unwary dictator and exploiter. The Virgo is the plasma of revolution.

The Universe is made up of plasma, Virgo's humor is this volatile gas, and only when galaxies collide, do they light up the cosmos like the abstract art of a maniac science. The stomach is the universe in microcosm, food is the plasma, and the friendly ecoli bacteria spark the entire system into action. Inside every gut is the bacterial galaxy of the human body. For the stomach, it's the mix of acid vs. alkalinity.

The way to a Virgo's heart, and head, is the stomach. The message for Virgo: Own your own stomach, seize the means of production! You have to be the hands-on manager, not only of what goes INTO the stomach, but also what happens to the food when it gets there.

The way of Virgo is pure and clean--to detox and purge. The way of the Virgo stomach is to supply it with the necessary bacteria, the precious working class that toil day and night to digest the foods and divide nutrient from waste. If your stomach is a biological factory, it's like Toyota wants to produce the perfect car--your stomach and bowels' only purpose in life is to produce the perfect poop. The Virgo can tell everything from the bowel movement. This is the quality control for the stomach. The difference of one bacteria dominating the stomach over another can make a tsunami of difference to the Virgo, or anyone, for that matter. The bacteria are the difference between life and death, with all the furor and drama of armies at war, set marching to dominate the history of your health. Napoleon said: an army marches on its stomach. He was a Leo but he had a very practical make-it-happen type of military Virgo mind.

The Virgo is on the cutting edge of adaptation--the cutting edge of revolution. Thus she earns the name of Virgin--one with an ever-recurring ability to remake herself. But others can see this purification ritual as endless, pointless, and hurtful. The Virgo literally USES UP the energy in every relationship she has--she will never relent, however her eye is always on SPICA, the brightest blue star in the sky, the navigator's friend. Back on Earth, people make jokes about Virgo--the "support system of the asshole"--to taunt the fault-finding Virgo, but actually there's a kernel of truth in this. The Virgo DOES control the bowels, the digestive system, and, as a result of their proper function, the health of the kidneys. Poorly functioning kidneys are the sign of disease in Virgo (and everyone else!)

The Virgo seeks purity and perfection, two things that can never exist. She seeks perfection in herself before she judges others, and therefore is always frustrated. Like the vestal virgins, she worships only truth; hypocrisy is physically painful for the Virgo, at least in others. They abide by the simple ethic of honesty, they can afford it. Virgo seeks to be above reproach--so that her critical barbs are ever more painful for others. Her gossipy tongue is so hurtful that it can start a war--people will make life long enemies or friends according to which side you take in a Virgo dispute. War is the most difficult part of the Virgo life, and yet the most transformative. Virgo uses war to destroy what she hates in herself, hoping for a rebirth into a higher incarnation of herself.

The Virgo's search for flaws and her expert and withering critical eye is first applied to herself; then and only then does she use her sharp dagger on others. She is always testing others for their fealty, she has no instinct for being loved, love is life's mystery to her; she is always on thin ice and treads carefully, requiring assurance, acceptance and encouragement. Virgo seek consensus. Virgos are asking for your vote.

The Virgo puts other people above herself, by serving them and providing support. However, this is unsustainable. After a lifetime of having unlovable people feeding off her like vampires, she gets her fill, and spurns humans, and gibes her all to the animal kingdom, which she sees is pure, in its simple, natural, dependable ethic. This is where the Virgo finds true beauty and appreciation, and the end of her life cycle.

Sun in Libra, the Law (Zubeneschamali)


"I say that justice is truth in action."

-Benjamin Disraeli

Today the Libra scales, used by the ancients to represent technology, give way to the computer, the smart phone, or the data base. This is the only sign that is neither human nor animal, the first and only machine of the Zodiac.

One day (if we don't destroy humanity by war and corruption) we'll have a utopian society where we'll have trusted members of society available, on call, to keep all sides of an argument in balance and settle disputes of all kinds. It will replace the antiquated judicial system we inherited from medieval times where truth is a product of perception and not fact. The fair witness, a Libra trained in law, will listen sympathetically to both polarities and render a judgment. These will be used as precedents for years afterwards since they'll reflect a humanity and style that will promote only the best in humans themselves, as the theory of the law has been addressed, as well as its practical application.

The problem with this is that Libras, so long a stand-in for their philosophy of peace, will fade into the background behind their good deeds, and become invisible. Libra can be as transparent or as obtuse as a law book.

Libra is all about redemption, rebalance, and reorganization. This is easily achieved, almost required, and it's then that life can begin again with each realization and new level of understanding. Each human has value, each relationship has merit so long as they meet the standards of civilized behavior. The sign of Libra was separated from Scorpio by the Romans to celebrate 100 years of peaceful rule by Augustus. The trick is that as Emperor he balanced his friends against his enemies to achieve stasis, and used the power of the Legions to make any other option impossible. In modern times, without an army, Libras can only rule through engagement and polemic.

The Libras are consumed with MANY relationships and even entertain those with lessor beings for the sake of diversity. As a youth they have little sense of themselves, and lose themselves in other people's causes. The cast of paramours and instant love affairs will take up quite the tale of sexual awakening, as Libras seek out all experiences as if they were collecting seashells in the sand. Attracted by the trends and memes of the day, Libra will always keep abreast of the news from the court; the office, boardroom, storefront or studio. Libra will bring sense and sensuality to his or her environment with the addition of beautiful objects and clothes, exotic oils and incense. They decorate their environment as if it were a showroom, and can turn a ratty dump into a fairy castle. This increases the social side of their nature, and gives them the inclination to associate with other people who may be awkward or sullied with imperfections. Libras will probably be more successful in this way than by working alone. Friendship, society, partnership, cooperation and association with others are indicated here as well as leadership and perseverance, not to mention sex appeal! Many Libras are so pleasing to the eye because their features are well-integrated. This is the nature of Libra, the scales, who can sustain the tranquility of equality more than other signs. One interesting result is, as Libra approaches neutrality, and become balanced, the reaction is to sleep. Rest is a vital part of the Libra lifestyle, and they have been accused of laziness when what they are really doing is compensating.

Libras naturally work hard to maintain body neutrality. They rule the buttocks, in itself a balance of two globes. The skin is also a watershed for Libra, theirs should be as smooth as a baby! The health of the Libra is always in the balance, so they need to be very conscious of getting the right foods in the right amounts. For example, macrobiotic nutritionalists use 50% whole grains and 50% fresh vegetables (and fermented foods) as the foundation of health, again a reflection of balance.

People invade and upset Libra's balance, and disrupters are likely to come into their lives periodically to shake things up, and Libra must reshuffle the deck. These are strenuous times, when Libras are forced to make unwelcome choices, the nightmare scenarios. But marriage can solve these problems, and Libras function well in regulated environments. As with all of life's rituals and laws, Libra sees order as a balance of opposing forces; this is why the Libra is attracted to laws, from any mandate, the state, nature, galactic and especially universal laws. Everything from criminal law to medical practice to chemical periodic tables to poetic license interests them, since it involves both creation and integration of the dictum that rule behavior. Marriage and family are just a couple of the ways that they allow traditional laws to bind them to a system.

Once free from the uncertainty of anarchy, Libras are affectionate and friendly, and they have a love of beauty, ornaments, color, music or art, and they might meet with success in cultivating these. They should have good powers of perception and observation, and they are intuitive and critical, but just. They are fond of travel and instant change. This position also helps to give cheerfulness, hopefulness, good humor and buoyancy, and the ability to sell others on their ideas. Danger from flattery, they are susceptible, because they flatter others.

Sun in Scorpio, Rebirth (Antares)


"Everything must and will come to its end.
This lovely creature,
this space I am breathing and not breathing.
will be taken from me.
Then everything in life is a placeholder."

-Hannah Sanghee Park, "Things for my mouth . . . "

Pure and simple, this sign is the penis. In Scorpio women, even the vagina takes on the characteristics of the penis. The Scorpio is the visible, biological organ that dominates the person.

For the Scorpio, it doesn't really matter what sex or sexual birth-label, or physical body the Scorpio has, it's just a suit of armor to fool their enemies, or seduce their lovers. They are soldiers. They win battles. They will only stop when they have drawn the lance into your soul and taken you prisoner.

Scorpio is Sir Gawain, a Knight's errand in the same league with Lancelot, but without his hopeless, unrequited love for the Queen. Scorpio's love is NEVER unrequited, because it takes place on a sexual, subterranean level where the accepted rules no longer apply. The Scorpio, once determined to joust with an opponent, to do battle, will fight only to kill his enemy the same way an ant would kill an intruder. Death itself is not enough, dominance is winning. Whatever practical logic of total war prevails is the standard by which Scorpio gauges the victory.

This is why the Scorpio once ruled over both her neighbors in the sky, Libra and Ophiuchus. The insect powers were insurmountable because of numerical superiority, nothing else, and Scorpio led and bled by this proviso. Thus the breeding and birthing chamber became the reason for Scorpio to live, to send their seed to the next generation, spawn a new greater generation, and defend the realm, the nest, or the headquarters.

Transformation is death for the Scorpion or death for someone else weaker. The Scorpion invented Imperialism, aggression that comes from a built-in need to defend the empire. Every Scorpio is a warrior within the family, ready to make the family more powerful with a greater control of land and resources. When reaching the end of the border, it is war with whoever tries to stop them.

They must transform or die, natures insists. It's the way the grasshopper becomes the locust, Scorpio gets the call from its inborn clock. Bred for war, the locust also lives for the moment, for combat, the rush of total annihilation and scorched Earth.

Scorpio's power comes from the genitals, and is expressed through their interest in ALL THINGS sexual. One reason sex is so irresistible to Scorpios is because of all the shame and compulsion around it. Sex is the MOST repressed part of our natures, beyond anger, pain or fear. The mutual orgasm has got to be the most personal visitation by ecstasy that one can have; yet it also unites us with another human being. The Scorpio, unafraid to act on this understanding, can plumb the depths of your taboos, your lusts and conjugal imagination in a minute because they put nothing past others that they haven't already explored themselves. They hold the nerve ending of our engorged erectile tissue, our most basic equipment for the survival of the nest. Scorpio has the power over sex, they don't fear it or the consequences, which is often death in nature. Once they have fulfilled their mission, their carcass is just taking up space. Their usefulness over, the Scorpio will dutifully turn himself over to be the food for the next generation.

Sun in Ophiuchus, the Healer (Rasalhague)


"It is only real feelings that possess this power of transferring themselves into inert matter."

-Simone Weil, First and Last Notebooks

Ophiuchus' are passionate and intense individuals. They may gain attention through creating dramatic situations. They may also be secretive. These are all tendencies blamed on Scorpio, for whom they have an intimate understanding. Scorpio is their mother, the larval pupae that gave them life. In Ophiuchus the insect has transformed into an dragon. The fledgling has grown into the Eagle.

They love power, and can be spell binding, but may prefer to perform behind the scenes, or behind a veil of ambiguity. They are able to make or break a group with your support and others can come to depend on them. They are secretive, but curious of other's weaknesses. They want an absolute oversight on the people near to them for fear of betrayal. Assimilation into society is difficult; they are a stand-alone, stand-out, often persecuted or scapegoated as a youth. Or they may have achieved a certain notoriety for being an anarchist or a prickly pear, a snake with a poisonous bite. The mood swings can be very intense, depending upon the Moon's position, since Ophiuchus is ruled by the 13-month lunar calendar.

Ophiuchus is the birth of the new from the old, the emergence of the bird from the nest or the snake from its lair, the paragon of untested power to rise from the darkness to the light, from the rubble of war. This is the ego at its most vulnerable time, a painful, anxious period when one lands on their feet naked, a stranger in a strange land.

Ophiuchus is the risen, reborn Scorpio, changing herself into the symbol of the soaring eagle, trading life for death; as snake eats tail, nature in its mystery is revealed, the place where unprecedented phenomena takes place to the incredulity of all. Ophiuchus belongs in an ethereal society, where female visualizations become man's miracles, the impossible happens, we can seize the power of the gods. Ophiuchus' message must be heard and acted on, immediately. Ophiuchus is the birth of the new from the old, the emergence of the bird from the nest or the snake from its lair; the paragon of untested but unrestricted power to rise from the darkness to the light, as if from the rubble of war. This is the ego at its most vulnerable time, a painful, anxious period, when you land on your feet, naked, a stranger in a strange land.

This ironically marks the Ophiuchus as crazy, uncooperative, even dangerous in modern society. Ophiuchus Sun means the person feels beyond society's norms, like a sorcerer-herbalist and her potions, a law unto herself, a savior and protector for those entrusted to her care. Since this is the sign of the witch, the native Ophiuchus will harbor a natural affinity for secrets, potions, omens, conspiracies, cats, astrology, psychology, and the midnight hour. They are alert to intruders and don't like being exposed or uncovered. They have speed and unerring aim and a snake's poisonous fangs. They can be political fanatics, and despise organized religions. Both males and females sometimes establish or join covens, semi-secret affinity groups devoted to making magic or visions. This sign is like a conspiracy, a shadowy clique that has withholds secrets from the establishment.

Ophiuchus is an ethereal, mentalist sign; their grasp of physical events and the mechanics of the material world is very limited; they simply have no interest in how things work, or what can go wrong in the conventional world. Ophiuchus often is pushing a vision of reality that does not seem possible in the real world, as experienced by the rest of humanity. Often the Ophiuchus is of two minds, even two appearances where one sex can disguise themselves as the other, or disguise their sexuality completely. As with all of Ophiuchus traits, this is still only a shield to confuse the gawkers, the deepest parts remain unknown.

Sun in Sagittarius, the hero (Kaus Australis)


"I shot an arrow into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For, so swiftly it flew, the sight
Could not follow it in its flight.

I breathed a song into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For who has sight so keen and strong,
That it can follow the flight of song?

Long, long afterward, in an oak
I found the arrow, still unbroke;
And the song, from beginning to end,
I found again in the heart of a friend."

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, "The Arrow and the Song"

All great heroes have weird and awkward beginnings. Sometimes they are treated like total rejects and losers, even by family and friends. The native with the Sun sign Sagittarius can be misunderstood until their quest for glory is over and they have faded into history. What they do, they do for history, for the future, and they can give all and demand all for the cause. Sagittarius is the hero, the shining example, who works for the whole, without regard to their own legacy, and who ultimately reaches the heavens--the idealized world they have created in their own forge. This is all according to our mythical understanding of the power of mutation and natural selection in nature. The Sagittarius is mixture of human and animal, yet is neither. The power of the hybrid surpasses all the contributing elements, and so the Sagittarius is an eclectic mix of many schools of thought with an ability to see things in the macro, and relate religion, philosophy, politics, and psychology into direct, fiery action. He may even be a puzzle to himself and need counseling and spiritual strength from his or her own band of heroes. Sagittarius is fearlessly seeking the mysteries of the cosmos, the eternal fiery flux of the birth and death of stars. To waste that fire in their lifetime would be a crime. Sagittarius may face the moment when they either decide they must fight fraud and corruption, or be its perpetrator, or victim. When no-one else will step forward, the Sagittarius will fill the void. To lose the ideal, the utopian dream, the mental vision would be death for Sagittarius, even though the sturdy body may carry on.

The Sagittarius closely corresponds with the myth of Chiron. This adds to the sincerity, candor, frankness and (excessive) honesty of their nature, and tends to make them just, humane, benevolent and sociable, but blunt. It will help them to gain friends and acquaintances and to win the confidence of others, by whom they will be much influenced, and they will influence them in turn. They are companionable, and their natural instinct is not to live alone but to associate a good deal with others, and they have respect for the forms, customs, and conventions of society. There is some amount of reckless, thoughtless, useless impulse in their nature, and at times they can destroy their entire credibility with a silly lie. They would be better liked if they cultivated forethought, humility, and prudence.

They have much hope, belief in the power of humanity to rise up to higher knowledge, and their activities all have a political coda behind them, unconsciously or not. Without vigorous physical exercise or sports their body will atrophy. Their tendency towards erratic connection with their body can cause them to ignore its symptoms of trouble. Their diet is ultimately their most important challenge since they must eat what their body needs, not what they want. In this and other ways they can be differentiated, disempowered, divided, and dissipated. Their fire comes from their believers, and if they deceive them, they rob themselves of their honor. Luckily, they can usually hope for Jupiter to help them out with confidence and keeping sight of the big picture. They are original and inventive, and capable of working in a field they love that expresses their vision and hopes. This is why the Sagittarius dominates marketing, sales, psychology, and politics way beyond their statistical representation. The heroes are the last hope of salvation, and we count on them to lead the way, to help us be as strong as they are, to be inspired by them, to help us march forward with fire in our hearts seeking the one and all.

Sun in Capricorn, the Boss (Deneb Algedi)


"For me they were steps, I have claimed up upon them - therefore I had to pass over them. But they thought I wanted to settle down on them . . ."

-Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols and The Anti-Christ

Capricorns are almost always RIGHT. We NEED them. Capricorns have managerial strengths and a powerful sense of values. This is why their leadership, friendship, or affections can be oppressive and insufferable. They often win in the end, and that’s what scares the competition. Caps do their homework before the test. When you go into the board rooms of wealth and leadership and meet the power-brokers themselves, they are likely going to be predominantly (Sidereal) Capricorns. Several U.S. presidents were Capricorn, including Abe Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan.

The sea goat is the most resolute, starts at the bottom and ends up on top of the heap. Oprah Winfrey is a classic Capricorn story, she met with opposition throughout her early career. All the network suits sabotaged and belittled her but in the end, she not only triumphed over them, but built an entirely new network of her own inventing a position to satisfy her ambitions. Most Capricorns also drag a lot of other less ambitious, less talented people with them thinking all the while that these passengers, as it were, are superior to them. Capricorns are filled with scorn for anyone that doesn’t listen to them. Eventually, heavy responsibility comes their way, even though they don’t want it power will be thrust into their hands because of their competence and abilities.

Capricorns think the same thoughts over and over until they get them right, or until someone corrects their mistake. Capricorns don’t take anything at face value, they question everything especially untried ideas and methods. If you come at them with high hopes, optimism or hype, they will shoot you down and remind you of all the reasons why it won’t work. They know too much to explain it all.

Who else is so well grounded (Earth sign) and can own it so completely? Who else can employ delayed gratification so well (patience is the virtue of Capricorn)? And who has such lofty goals and also such a strong sense of destiny that they won't publicly acknowledge them? Capricorns are the surprise package, the goodies are saved for last. He who laughs last, laughs best. The Capricorn can relish the total immersion in pleasure with the triumph of power.

If you fall in love with a Capricorn you are in for a rough period at the beginning because Caps need to have respect for those who love them. Capricorns have a built-in bullshit detector so you better be coming at them with the real thing. If it’s just a crush, they will pop the balloon before someone else does. But when Capricorns drop their defenses and open themselves to love, they can insulate you in a blanket of security and a sense of belonging. If Capricorns don’t easily express passion it’s because they haven’t met anyone powerful enough to break their routine. Your time is rewarded when you feel the certainty of Capricorn’s unconditional love. It is truly without limit!

Think of a clump of Earth and then realize all the energy, the fertility, the life forms it supports, all the complexity of the universe that could be mistaken for plain dirt. Capricorn is the loamy soil of potential, slow growth and sure progress. They will inevitably rise to the top position--even if it takes years. They have both ambition and patience. This position increases the gravity and seriousness of the mind, and tends to thoughtfulness, reserve, and self-control. Capricorns spend their energy cultivating forethought, prudence, and tactfulness. They are desirous of power and are fitted for acting as a head or ruler over others, although they would also make a faithful servant and worker or assistant manager. They will gain more by methodically and quietly working with a given end in view than by excitement or hurry. The job of reckless agency isn't for them. It will only slow down their decision making process and they can find themselves at odds with events outside of their control, which can paralyze them. This may also tend to isolate them somewhat at times either through the force of circumstances or because they adopt an attitude of reserve, superiority and distance. They need to cultivate cheerfulness and resist any tendency to depression. The main thing for Capricorns is to relinquish control once in a while for happiness to be theirs before they're too old to enjoy it.

Sun in Aquarius, the Wanderer (Sadalsuud)


"The traveler owns the grateful sense
Of sweetness near he knows not whence,
And, passing, takes with forehead bare
The benediction of the air."

-Quaker poet

This sign represents the higher love --according to Plato-- the "fraternity" of liberté egalité fraternité. Aquarius stands for all three, and he or she lives the 11th house credo, where friendships are the only criteria, no bonds to bind beyond mutual affinity. Aquarius is not connection through kinship, marriage, race, religion or ethnicity, it's friendship. Only through a comradely and collegial relationship can you ever know the freedom that Aquarius needs to flourish in all relationships. The Aquarius lives for friendship. These are their diamonds and jewels, all they ask of life since most Aquarians can live quite ascetically. Being in the friendship zone with an Aquarius isn't bad, it's a privilege and a gateway to more. Here is where they draw their best cards, their lovers, confidants, and heroes. When friendship matures to commitment, Aquarians become uneasy and are likely to yearn to return to the less complicated lifestyle of adventure. The backbone of an Aquarius depends on their independence where other fixed signs draw their strength from the material, visible world, Aquarius only has the wind, the mist, and the hurricane from which to map his or her future. It may be said that Aquarian's contributions to the world are written in the wind, a message for all humanity. As fragile as these visions of utopia are, they have the greatest overall impact because of Aquarian's stubborn defense of them throughout their lives. Of ALL the signs, Aquarius is the most stubborn because they are uncontrollable. The Aquarius is like a low pressure area weather system that won't be dispelled, that hangs over us like an inescapable fact: You can't do anything about the weather, and you can't do anything about Aquarius! This may be maddening to others. Aquarius can be a breeze, a miasma or rolling thunder. Anything air can do they can do and the Aquarians are quite content to never change this basic state of being. You have to accept the Aquarius as they are: everywhere and nowhere, the one and all, the ineffable.

Uranus is the planet that will help lift them up in the world, bring them before people so that they will know many people and be known to many. Uranus is the bolt of lighting, the revelation, the latest news, the highest vibration of the Aquarian principle of spreading their knowledge. Uranus, like Aquarius, cuts to the bone, the surgeon's knife of singularity. One cut, one truth. Yet the truth from the Aquarius does not cultivate the negative sides of the other fixed signs: fear, fight or greed, as with Scorpio, Leo or Taurus. This position broadens both the mind and the feelings and the Aquarius follows where ever they may go without fear, malice, or the desire for personal gain. This can make the evolved Aquarius a free humane spirit capable of unlimited creative and intellectual abilities if they will only cultivate them. They are suited for a public life and would succeed better in some large sphere of action than in a smaller or more retired one. They can work in a giant system so long as they find their niche of independence. Otherwise they must forge their own group. They should have a good memory and be a good judge of character and human nature to help them accomplish this.

Aquarius needs freedom more than other signs, since it was taken away in their ancestral memories. In mythology, the young Aquarian herdsman was raped and kidnapped by Zeus, who brought him to Olympus as his personal man servant and sex slave. Aquarius has never forgot this humiliation, and will never be captured or enslaved by anyone--Aquarius will face death rather than give up freedom. Aquarian sexuality is a tightrope of integration and differentiation. They may be quite androgynous and refuse to be cornered into any sexual box. They may do without to avoid entanglement. There's an element of the grasshopper versus the ant in the Aquarian script. Solitary, until joined into a group of locusts, Aquarians don't dig holes or make nests, they fly across the fields, eating everything in their path, enthralled by their movement and nihilistic rapture. They may draw others to them, attracted to the blithe spirit; like the White Prince, whose virtue is unsullied. Aquarius must walk their own path, to their own drum. Without the exit strategy from others, the ability to fly away, Aquarius would be victimized and enslaved by a greater force, broken apart by the maze of complex social relations. As the wind forces it way through the mountains, as an act of will and nature, it will pass over, and around the opposition. Aquarius is sweeping over us, part of the larger ecosystem.

Sun in Pisces, the Empath (Eta Piscium)


"One way to feel the holiness of something is to hear its inner resonance, the more-than-personal elements sounding-vibrating through."

-M. C. Richards, The Crossing Point

This position increases that side of human nature that belongs to feeling, emotion, and sensation and makes these active and important in their character. Pisces are able to sympathize with others, and are naturally humane, charitable, and helpful to those who are in trouble or sick. Pisces is Neptune, the masses. Many Pisces find themselves as care givers, or offering succor to people who can emotionally drain them. Enmeshment and loss of boundaries is a day-to-day occurrence with Pisces. If they have a hidey-hole, an escape door, or can physically dump the toxins that others leave in them, they can re-emerge strengthened with their truly awesome unconventional love. A Pisces who feels trapped and restricted is as helpless as a goldfish in a bowl. Yet the temptation, like all other losses of identity and avoidance of conflict, is too great, and the Pisces will succumb to a dominator or protector to make their choices easier. A sure sign that they are being victimized by bullies or tyrants is depression and dependence on escapism, avoidance, or medication, drugs, alcohol, etc. Worst case scenario is the Pisces who yearns for an out of body experience to escape the chronic infections they can't deal with. Those Pisces who avoid being netted or have leapt out of the trap can usually manipulate their way to power, and can find themselves as entertainers, actors, singers and working in the entertainment business. Since they are natural mimics and very talented in their own right, Pisces have no trouble acquiring the skills necessary to bedazzle, bemuse, or bewitch their audiences. One has only to Google how many (13-sign) Pisces are famous for their art, to see how they dominate this field.

They are easy-going, adaptable, and the perfect host, but they can be taken advantage of easily, by everybody and anybody, anytime. Pisces are too open to suggestion when young, and are often damaged for it. Their ONLY CHANCE at real success is the reversal of roles. The Pisces can turn the tables on their tormentors and become a diva --even a prima donna-- in his or her own right. They can emotionally control the people and the environment around them and can avoid being bullied by them as long as they please them. It's the story of Shahrazade, who avoids death with 1,000 stories to charm her tormentor. Using her skills to manipulate his feelings, she used passive aggression to meet the threat of death. If Pisces don't find people they want around them, who are good to them--others will mold them to suit their needs, and abuse them.

It's really that simple, unless they can live as an emotional manipulator and embittered wannabe, there is really no mid-way, no balance, it's a tightrope and they are guaranteed to fall one way or the other. If they entirely act by instinct, they will be swallowed up and lose themselves to the mass, as a catalyst for the greater need and eternity. If they wait and prevaricate without direction, all will be lost, and they will be captured and dominated. Their only hope is to resolve to make what they want happen by acting on only those decisions which will ultimately help them find their path and stay on it. To find this path, they must acknowledge and act upon the guidance of their Moon's Nodes and what insights they can get from astrology, philosophy, psychology, and politics, or any other other field that does not limit their imagination (which is death for them). Intellectual understanding can root them in the real Universe, and make their powers enormous and viral. The evolved Pisces is a gifted leader, whom people follow blindly, not out of fear, or even respect--but returning to themselves the pure love that they have given.

The message to ALL Pisces is: find your thing, whatever it is, and do it with all your heart and soul--and force them to come to you, as if from a wellspring which they may drink. This is the DIVA.

Pisces’ Neptune represents the mysterious subconscious. Quiet, fleeting emotions emanate from Pisces like mist from an ethereal lake, or sometimes furiously, like snow flurries in a blizzard. Pisces can reveal their agitation by roiling the emotions of others, and it is easy to engage and involve the unwary. Pisces' lovers become hopelessly dependent and possessive about Pisces, and try to domesticate and deconstruct the essence of Pisces’ emotions. Yet these are shrouded in an impenetrable Neptunian fog that erodes the barrier between the subconscious and the conscious. Everything is an illusion but for the moment. Love and music help Pisces feel joy, connection, lust, power, and, of course, sorrow. Pisces abandons itself in abandonment. Anyone watching Pisces run the gamut of emotions finds it overwhelming and excruciatingly intimate. The only connection that Pisces can fully trust is love, and as that ethereal quality is only for the dreamers, then Pisces dreams on and on.


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