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AUG 10-SEP 15

Beyonce Knowles and Keanu Reeves:
Unconsciously sexy, 50% animal magnetism, 50% Virgo volatility

Why is the Leo so Sexy?

The potent lure of the Leo can be found in two famous cats, Keanu Reeves and Beyonce Knowles. In contrast to our perception of them as dripping with sex appeal, in real life they are enigmatically simplistic and intangible. Our lusts and longings are our own devices, which we project on these otherwise guileless performers.

Leo is sexy the way a cat is sexy; supine, sensual, presumptive, selfish. Leo people can be unconsciously sexy, and then intentionally sexy. The Leo in lust makes their feelings known, without ambiguity. They growl, purr, preen and prance, tails waving, as if under the spell of their own special brand of sexual union, which we must ultimately worship. It’s a ruse of course, since although the Leo is a magnificent beast, as humans, Leos are incompetent, their humanity is skin deep. It's their power over others that matters. In order to hold on to their pride, Leos project more passion then they possess.

Two cases in point are 13 sign Leos Keanu Reeves and Beyonce Knowles. Made magical by our pedestrianism, both of these sexy stars seem to accept the fan worship with aplomb. Beyonce is very much a result of her own careful construction, with five planets in Virgo, she stays the virgin princess regardless of her marriage, motherhood and overtly sexual music videos. She adapted herself to our branding of a sex goddess. With her moon in Libra, she is perfection in a woman; her Uranus conjunction gives her what little personality she has; under the make up and extensions, she is a female cat, maintaining the pride, providing meat for the cubs and intent on perpetuating the status quo.


Beyonce's 13 sign chart

Knowles has so many planets in Virgo that she will perceptually be our sexy but unobtainable virgin princess, the Siamese cat.

A self-admitted “rehearse-a-holic”, Beyonce represents in exaggeration what her female fans face in miniature. Relinquishing her "single woman" status, Beyonce is a Leo princess who hunted a famous husband and protector whose status exceeded her own, and could keep her in the strata of wealth to which she aspires and requires. As a mother, she has traded much of her sexuality to remake herself as the female head of the pride, and matriarch to her cubs.

Keanu's 13 sign chart

Reeves has a mysterious Mars-Venus conjunction to attract both males and females. His sexual ambiguity is part of his enigma, we never know what he is truly thinking of feeling. He's the Cheshire cat.

Keanu Reeves has the added razzle dazzle of a Gemini Moon, Mars and Venus. We can see anything we want in his lipid gaze, even if he is a blank canvas. We supply the intelligence and mystery and draw our own conclusions. A superficial man made to look soulful by design, Reeves makes a splendid hipster turn-on for today: self-absorbed, emotionally detached; his gender of choice a matter of auspices rather than passion; he makes for the quintessential millennial sex symbol.

His tight Leo conjunction gives him an air of seriousness, purpose; a natural intensity. Yet he is as complex as a teenager. Like in his role in The Matrix, he reacts to what we want him to be: our hero and savior. But, then, does he really have a plan?

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