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The Death of the
Republican Party

Forcing Slavery Down the Throat of a Free-soiler
This pro-Republican 1856 cartoon depicts Kansas being force-fed slavery by Democratic party candidates Franklin Pierce and Stephan Douglas. James Buchanan and Lewis Cass are helping. Source: Wikipedia.

The Birth of the GOP

The Republican Party was a progressive party at its birth in 1854. It emerged as an alternative to the corrupt, pro-South, pro-slavery Democratic party. Its natal Sun and Mercury in Pisces is an confirmation that it was founded by anti-slavery activists. The main thrust of its founding principles was the support of the Free State of Kansas, which had been invaded by gangs of terrorists ("invaders") from the slave owning states and was going to be annexed by the South. The Republicans reaffirmed the access of the Kansas citizens to their constitutional rights as defined by the constitution. Republican ideology was reflected in the 1856 slogan "free labor, free land, free men"

The Republican party was preparing for the inevitable battle between the North and the South. They had a dream of union and equality that was a major undercurrent of the Civil War, and their Neptunian religious philosophy drew many recruits. They were armed by righteousness. The conflict was between love of fellow man, or the evils of slavery, and the Republicans waved the banner of emancipation, and lead the North to victory.

The Moon of the Republicans is in Ophiuchus. If anything, it makes the anti-religious and secular nature of the original Republican party platform a natural way to go. The church was an advocate of slavery in the Southern states, and religious persecution was very much still on the minds of the founders, prime among them being Abraham Lincoln.

An artist's depiction of Sherman's march to the sea.

The Civil war was regarded as a tragedy --a necessary one-- to save the union and open up markets. The North went at it like a spiritual crusade; "his truth goes marching on" and had the upper moral ground. For the South, its outmoded economy depended on slavery, and they were fighting for their existence. The incompetence of the Northern military leaders and the war profiteers held up what was a natural victory. Eventually, Gen. William Sherman bathed the South in a sea of fire, and with Uranus and Pluto in Aries in the Republican's chart, they had to destroy the reactionary elements in the South. For a few years, the governments of several Southern states were run by freed slaves, before the Johnson administration gave power back to the Jim Crow white establishment.

It doesn't take a lot of Nudniks to make themselves obnoxious

Home of the Horrid,
Land of the Douchebag

Today the situation has been reversed. The Republican party of today represents nothing but opportunism. Never a party that could rise above one-issue politics, and having the aesthetics of a banker's son, the GOP could never achieve a true majority, and has always, since Lincoln's time depended on trends and a weakness in the Democratic party to achieve power. Their victories have been achieved by money and at the cost of workers and farmers, our original demographic. The Republicans have overcome the natural majority of the Democratic party with better marketing, deep pockets, and the ability to convince a significant part of the population to either not vote or vote for them. They have earned the term reactionary, since they can only offer a counter-punch to the efforts of the workers to gain financial parity.

The Republicans may have been founded by anti-slavery, but today they are in favor of it. The Republicans have said it: they're for human bondage, they are counting on it to keep American owned by the same rules that seemed enlightened in the 19th century. To go back, as the Republicans say they want to do, would mean a terrific loss of wealth and political power workers have won in the last 100 years. The Republicans are targeting their own base for destruction. The same workers who have supported them and formed a ring of protection around them.

This year, however, the anti-government rhetoric of the republicans has turned nasty. Like senators of Rome, each of them wants to tear down the state to rebuild it in his image.

If Trump forms a "make America great" faction of the anti-immigrant lumpen, he becomes demagogue of the violent realm of the redundant white man, not the national nominee. Cruz and most of others have all pledged to shut down the government replace it with a right-wing theocracy. All of them except Bush have vowed to reposition the party into totalitarianism. The party itself is in disarray and burning money at a fantastic rate, like the worthless paper it really is.

Starting in August 2015, and lasting until the 2016 election, and beyond, the new Tea party and right wing crackpot incarnation of the Republicans is meeting its face in the mirror.

"Make America Great Again"

To a Republican, there's a difference between "liberty" and freedom. The first applies to only a small fraction of the population, who have inherited it. Freedom is something the workers want, and therefore must be denied. Pisces operates here as the entitlement of the Republicans, and their self-involvement.

In short, Republicans now represent the tiny minority of the owning class, and yet have demoralized or deceived enough of the working class to win elections.

Transiting Saturn
opposition the GOP Saturn

Rich old white Republicans: a new mascot won't help

This year, Republicans meet their fate. The irony of the corruption of the original values of Lincoln and the Abolitionists into wanton support of billionaires, religious extremists and racists, is coming home to bite them on their GOP.

The decaying face of the rich white man will be the only thing we see. By the time the election rolls around, the Republicans will be unmasked, unpopular, and unelectable. How can this be so certain? Saturn is on its way to crush the Republican party. Transiting Saturn is stalking the Republican's strongest advantage, its credibility. By November 4th, transiting Saturn in Scorpio will be within 7 degrees from exact opposite Natal Saturn in Taurus. We can expect the ground the Republican party is walking on will open up and swallowed them. Their history of unity has been shattered. They are their own worst enemy.

According to Stephanie Johnson:
"This is one of those times when you reap the harvest of past actions. If you have planted good crops in the past then the yield will be rewarding. However, if you have planted on rocky ground, then the crops may fail."

Transiting Saturn in Scorpio is opposition the GOP Saturn in Taurus

Believe, Johnson's sound advice will not taken. Saturn opposition Saturn is as bad as it can get during a political campaign. The Father eats the son, to prevent him from raking over. This is the ancient story of Kronos, once a beneficial provider, turned a murderous paranoid because of jealousy.

For the Republicans, they have lost all common goals, each faction is powered by PAC money and ready to race each other in a demolition derby. They will limp into the election already mortally wounded.

Everything will go wrong; the worst fears occur as they must, since the warnings were ignored. Transiting Saturn shatters your complacency, and helps your enemies become stronger from your mistakes; it slaps at your self-esteem; you have no support when you think you have. What worked before, no longer does, one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. Saturn judges harshly. The Republicans will lose resources and stature. They are undone in public since what they say will be picked apart. Even the old people will turn on them. Past misdeeds are revealed. The possibility for gaffs, stupidity, and complete failure are very much in evidence. Can the Republican party survive in the age of social networking, where every move they make, each stump speech, every revelation of fraud is liable to be deconstructed en mass on the internet?

In addition, responding to the GOP's greatest weakness, its alienation of women, Johnson calls out the opposition of Jupiter and Venus:

"You are struggling to get what you want from your loved one. In fact relationships of all kinds, particularly with women, may be a source of difficulty right now. The trouble is that you are expecting too much. Right now you are the seeking all the adventure and this is causing tension."

Jupiter is strong at the beginning for the Republicans, it will make them want to think grand thoughts. Every little strutting potentate or scheming politician is dreaming of victory. They'll think that success and victory is within their grasp. Who will be the emperor? The one with the most money and power.

Jeb(!) the Republican annoited candidate with feet of clay

The Republican leadership has always been adaptive to the vox populi it creates with its own media, but this time it has misjudged badly. In the cartoon at the top of the page, it was the Democrats who were shoving slavery down Kansas' throat. Today the Republicans are doing it, a complete turnaround. They are inciting a new civil war. 2016 is the year of crisis, since it's only though defeat of the reactionary elements in American politics that the will of the nation can be found. The Republicans think they can win it, but they are doomed. A radical action on their part is their only option, and they have failed before in this situation.

Big inflated Jupiter dreams will pop like all the other balloons before them, and the Republican's Jupiter is weighted down by a Square with the Moon's Nodes. In the end, it's our emotions that will bring the Republicans down, something they'll never understand. again explained by Stephanie Johnson:

"Relations with other people, either individuals or groups, can be stressful during this transit. You are keen to explore new connections with other people, but are having difficulty letting go of the old ones. As a result you are over-committed. You may even feel anti-social, preferring to reassess your personal and business relationships than to mix."

Jeb! wins a brokered convention and inherits a shattered party

The GOP is too self-centered to exist. They are infighting. The split up within the ranks of the Republicans could mean a conglomeration of the Trump's immigrant-bashing army of angry white men; and a more corporate, Wall street, pro-immigrant party taking up what's left of the old GOP, which is Bush's territory. Bush would be the nominee of a weakened, demoralized party, with his former rivals having ripped his pants off. The Moon's nodes indicate a third party is very possible. It's Trump's year. Hillary or Bernie in any case will face a divided and tattered Republican Party, but still with plenty of money.

"You feel compelled to let go of the old in order to move into new and improved relationships. This could be literally ending old relationships, or simply breaking old patterns of relationships so that they continue in a renewed manner."

As election day approaches, Pluto disrupts everything, with a semi square to the natal Saturn of the Republicans. This means some kind of constitutional crisis. The game is changing the rules. Again, Stephanie Johnson:

"Life seems like hard work during this transit, leaving you often feeling tired, anxious and despondent. Problems seem to be piling up, others expect too much, and the authority figures in your life seem to be unreasonably rigid in their approach."

If Jeb is defeated in the primaries, the same crew that got George in the white house twice can surely wrest the nomination out of Trump's stubby little fingers and give it back to the Bushes. They make up the rules, so they can change them. The primaries may be downplayed and the back-and-boardroom dealers will choose the feckless Jeb(!) They can only enrage Trump partisans this way, and lose theirm last hope of viability. There may be no way for Bush to stop Trump, and the party may have to face the overwhelming mandate of its members: they want Trump. You can't force a horse to drink Bush.

The 2016 election was supposed to be Bush-Clinton, not because there is any great molting process of the American people into a new improved version, but because there is no other offering. However it may end up Bernie vs. Donald. The people refused the choices. The people have spoken, and if they are denyed there'll be hell to pay.

Notwithstanding a socialist coup by Bernie, the Democrats appear to have a seamless path to the White House. Like a pack of predators, the Democrats are circling the wounded Republicans, the Great White Hunters who has run out of bullets. Sensing weakness, Hillary is silently waiting in the shadows, licking her chops for an easy victory. Nothing is easy in this election!

What's your best guess? email me with your comments:

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